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The NeMTSS Reading Symposium is offering three days of virtual professional learning to increase instructional leaders with knowledge and skills related to evidence-based literacy.  This virtual conference series will take place on July 13th, 20th, and 27th. This series will inform participants in Pre-K through grade 12 of instruction that supports the theme, “From Research to Practice.” All sessions are free, and best of all, beginning on the date listed below, you will have the opportunity to listen to the recordings at any time!

July 13 PreK-12

Keynote Speaker, Dr. Erin Washburn, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, “Supporting Struggling Readers through diagnostic Teaching.”

Other sessions include:

  • Understanding, Assessing and Teaching Students with Dyslexia, Dr. Jan Hasbrouck
  • The Evaluation of Reading Disorders, George Toman
  • What are Evidence-Based Practices?, Dr. Amanda Witte
  • Supporting Reading:  Considering Technology and AEM within an MTSS Framework, Dr. Brian Wojcik

July 20 PreK-5 Evidence-Based Interventions, Practices, and Strategies

  • A Conceptual Framework for the Science of Reading, Dr. Holly Lane
  • The Struggle is Real: Evidence-Based Interventions for Struggling Reader, Dr. Felicity Post
  • Reading FAST or Reading WELL? Putting Fluency in Perspective, Dr. Jan Hasbrouck
  • Developing Phonological Awareness Skills in Preschool and Kindergarten, Amy DeLaRosa
  • Using MAP Data to Drive Instruction and Intervention, Brittany Sullivan and Megan Hammer

July 27 Grades 6-12 Evidence-Based Interventions, Practices, and Strategies

  • The Critical Role of Advanced Phonemic Awareness and Orthographic Mapping for Adolescents, Beth Gilchrist and Bridget Bilbro
  • Foundational Skills for Middle School, Claudine Kennicutt
  • Using Data to Inform Reading Practice for Older Students, Dr. Erin Washburn
  • Teaching Kids to Read Big Words, Dr. Holly Lane

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