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Foundational Skills for Middle School

July 27, 2020

Although foundational skills are the building blocks for early learning and reading, it has become increasingly apparent that we still have students with reading deficits entering middle school and beyond. We will briefly explore how our youngest students begin the process of learning to read and how this connects to secondary learning, as well as taking a small glimpse into what brain processing looks like. We will explore the concept of disfluency, some key components of explicit instruction, and how we can strengthen our instruction for all learners at the core. You will be introduced to educational resources that you can access immediately, and also gain an understanding of how this ties into the NeMTSS framework for problem solving, data-based decision making, and utilizing evidence-based practices.

Claudine Kennicutt, NeMTSS Regional Lead Academic, Behavior, and EC/Pyramid Implementation Support Facilitator