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Welcome from Maureen Nickels and Dr. Blomstedt
July 29th Opening Session KEYNOTE: Lay A Foundation for Success: Monitoring and Addressing Student Absenteeism by Hedy Chang 
Breakout 1 Breakout 2 Breakout 3 Breakout 4 Breakout 5 Breakout 6 Breakout 7 Breakout 8
10:45am-11:00am Break
School Finance Update On-Site Visits in a Remote World Nebraska Teacher and Principal Performance Standards: What Do These Mean for My District? Recruitment and Retention of Special Populations Students in Career and Technical Education Programs Nebraska TEACH – Certification in Nebraska “Looking for the Good…even during a pandemic” Effective Appraisals in a Remote Learning Environment NSCAS ACT 2020-21 Update
11:30am-11:40am Break
11:40am-12:10pm Voices from the Field: Igniting Change in Our Schools In-Person or Remote‚We Got This! Educator Effectiveness: An Innovative Approach to Support and Development of Quality Educators SHARP 2020 and Beyond Why Reinvent the Wheel? Leveraging Your School’s Assets to Support Students Mindfulness – Every Student. Every Day. Every Subject The Statewide Assessment Office will provide an update for 2020-21 NSCAS General and Alternative
12:10pm-1:10pm Lunch
1:10pm-1:40pm Nebraska’s NAESP PreK-3 Leadership Academy Social Emotional Learning and Wellness: How to Support the Transition Back to School Nebraska Leadership and Learning Network: An Innovative Approach to Principal Support A Primer for These Times: Meeting Assistive Technology and Accessible Educational Materials Needs and Requirements Standards Instructional Tool and Framework to Use with the 2019 Nebraska Social Studies Standards So you want to be an equity leader ACT and PreACT Reporting. Ways to assist students and improve preparation
1:40pm-1:50pm Break 
1:50pm-2:20pm Moving Beyond Labels: Differentiated Supports for Designated Schools Bridging the Worlds of Careers and Classrooms Learning at Home or at School: Engaging Families Improves Student Learning Are Your First Year Teachers Ready? NDE-NeMTSS: Reducing Redundancy Educator Effectiveness: An Innovative Approach to Support and Development of Quality Educators NSCAS Science Updates New Norms for the NWEA MAP Growth Assessment
2:20pm-2:30pm Break 
2:30pm-3:00pm Looking ahead: NebraskaREADS and IRIP’s District Administrator Approvals – ADVISER Supporting Social-Emotional Learning for Successful Reentry Fidelity: It’s Not a 4 Letter Word School-Based Mental Health Programs and You! Rich Math Talk: Using Improvement Science to Enhance the Quality and Frequency of Mathematical Discourse Finding Early Childhood in your MTSS System Getting Back to School
3:00pm-3:10pm Break 
3:10pm-3:40pm AQuESTT Upgrades BIRSST (Brain Injury Regional School Support Teams) OUT! Understanding Assurance Statements Innovativie CTW Begins with CTSO’s Health Science – Essential Career Technicial Eductional Making The Grade? Examining The Relationship Of ACT Scores And High School Course Grades
3:40pm-4:00pm Closing